Tarakany! signed to A-F Records
Tarakany! are proud to announce their new album “The Power of One”, which will be released via A-F Records!
Chris #2, Anti-Flag:
“When I first heard Tarakany! massive parts of my life’s belief that music can transcend were confirmed. To see this band write songs that I connected with musically and politically, the same way I’ve connected with some of my favorite artists of all time, and have them be from Russia further reiterated that invisible bullshit b...
Useless ID / Tarakany! — “Among Other Zeros and Ones“
Useless ID / Tarakany! — “Among Other Zeros and Ones“ Split Album 2018 is available now on CD / LP / digital stores!
Two bands, two countries, two languages but friendship and a creative way of perception that the world around us can never be separated. Tarakany!, a punk band from Moscow/Russia and Useless ID, punk rockers from Haifa/Israel have put out the split record called “Among other zeros and ones“. Both bands not only have recorded each other\'s so...